Fly In Customized Adventures

Copper Valley Air Service provides air charter transport to your Alaskan backcountry adventures throughout the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and the Copper River Basin. We can also provide your air taxi needs to the Copper River Basin, Alaska Range, Wrangells, Talkeetna Mountains, and the Chugach Mountains. We can provide for all your transportation directly from Anchorage, Alaska.

We will work directly with you to design a Customized Adventure wherein you can choose your backcounty landing and pick up location. We will also fly supply or re-supply drop missions in support of your adventure.

Experience majestic scenery, a once in a lifetime journey, making tracks where there are no trails or paths to follow, a true Alaskan Wilderness Experience. Park Service cabins are available at some locations. There is no charge to stay in the cabins.



Fly-In Custom Remote Adventure directly from Anchorage

Choose from one of these exciting destinations to experience the majesty of the Alaskan wilderness. Custom Remote Adventure trips fly out from the Gulkana Airport in Glennallen.

We work directly with you to establish your departure date and initial landing location, and your pickup date and pickup location. You can choose to be dropped off at one location and picked up one week later at another location. Equipment including bear spray and stove fuel is available. Includes provision for 75#s of equipment. Additional re-supply flights or equipment portage can be provided.

$695 per person on Wednesday and Fridays only.


Choose an area to be dropped off at and another to be picked up at later. Go for 5 days or two weeks - It's up to you! If you want to access other areas not listed below, call us! We can assist you with our 20+ years of experience. Click on the Map Detail link listed by each location for a more detailed view of that area.
  • Sanford River - Sanford Glacier:
    Situated between Mt. Drum and Mt. Sanford below the Sandford Glacier, an ideal base location.
    Map Detail

  • Dadina Glacier Area:
    Situated between Mt. Drum and Mt. Wrangell below the Dadina Glacier.
    Map Detail

  • Nadina Dry Lake:
    Amphitheater of Mt. Drum, close drop off for Mt. Drum ascent, southern route. Safest drop off zone for Mt. Drum.
    Map Detail

  • Mud Volcano
    Near warm mineral springs and directly west of Mt. Drum.
    Map Detail

  • Chelle Lake:
    Situated northwest of Mt. Drum at 3200 feet, an incredible fishing destination which also has a Park Service cabin that can be reserved for free. 4 sleeping bunks available.
    Map Detail

  • Windy Ridge:
    Northwest of Mt. Sanford, this is a typical drop off area for Mt. Sanford ascents, above timberline, great views of the Alaskan range from here.
    Map Detail

  • Boulder Shoulder - Sheep Glacier Area:
    An alternate landing- pickup location for visits to Mt. Sanford. Closer in and nearer to Sheep Glacier.
    Map Detail

To inquire about flightseeing tours or air taxi services call 907-822-4200 or 866-570-4200 or make an online reservation request.


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