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Grayling Lake

Trip Details
Trip Type:
Base Camp
3 days
3 day hikes of 1-7 miles
Easier to Moderate

Rates shown are charter rates for the entire aircraft per flight, regardless of pax count. Rates are for one way flight between Gulkana and listed airstrip(s).

Airstrip 3-5 Pax *
2-3 Pax *
Cessna 185
1-2 Pax *
Piper PA-12
Grayling Lakes $1380 N/A N/A

*Passenger capacity of aircraft depends on total weight of passengers and cargo. Call us to find the best option for your group.

Comfortable hiking in high Tundra with beautiful camping spots. 

This quiet spot high in the Chugach Mountains is great for solitude and beauty!

Hike above 1000 feet out of the valley for comfortable walking and beautiful lakes.

Bringing an inflatable kayak would be a nice way to supplement the experience!

Amazing Experience!
We just pulled in on the off chance that we would be able to have a flightseeing trip and it was the best thing we did on our Alaska trip!!! Everyone was so friendly, professional and made us feel safe. One of the best value for money experiences we had on our trip.
2019 - Lucy684, London, UK