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Scheduled flights, flightsee tours and backcountry drop-offs in the Copper River Valley
Charter Flights
When you charter an aircraft, you are hiring the airplane and pilot to fly to a destination of your choice. It’s like having you own car and driver only you’re flying over one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Mountains, glaciers and vast road less forests and tundra are in view out every window. Flying across Alaska in a bush plane is one experience you won't soon to forget.
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Charter Rates to McCarthy/Kennicott

From 5 people
One Way
Cessna 206
3 people
One Way
Cessna 172
Anchorage $2290 $1650
Glennallen $920 $735
Valdez/Cordova $1300 $1000
Denali Natl. Park $2300 $1835
Fairbanks $2645 $1980
Kantishna $2645 $1980
Seaard $2875 $2200

  • For air service from other locations, and for large groups, please call for a quote.
  • Round trip rate is double the one way rate.
  • Baggage allowance is 30 lbs (13 kilos) per person (Soft luggage only, please). Allowance may vary depending on aircraft configuration, please call for more information
  • All flights include van transportation between the airport and Kennicott/McCarthy.