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Scheduled flights, flightseeing tours and backcountry flying in the Copper River Valley

Charter Flights

When you charter an aircraft, you are hiring the airplane and pilot to fly to a destination of your choice. It’s like having your own car and driver only you’re flying over one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Mountains, glaciers and the vast roadless forests and tundra are in view out every window. Flying across Alaska in a bush plane is one experience you will never forget.


ToFrom3 Pax
Cessna 172
3 Pax
Cessna 185 *
5 Pax
Cessna 206
GlennallenMay Creek$1090$1400
GlennallenNabesna – Devils Mt. Lodge$830$1000
GlennallenSlate Creek/Middle ForkN/A$990

*greater luggage capacity than 172

Where to Meet Your Pilot for Charter Flights

Anchorage (Merrill Field) 800 Merrill Field Drive Anchorage AK 99501

This is the Merrill Field Airport Manager’s office. This is open to the public, and we will meet you there. It is next door to Spernak Airways. If you need assistance for some reason, please go into Spernak Airways and tell them you’re a Copper Valley Air guest.
Glennallen/Gulkana AirportMile 118 Richardson Highway Glennallen, AK 99588

Our office is a blue building, three doors down. Look for our signs.
McCarthyMail shack at the main town airstrip between McCarthy & Kennicott

Most likely, we will have transportation arranged for you already!
Valdez300 Airport Road Valdez AK 99686

Meet your pilot in the Main Terminal Lobby.
Tolsona Lake (Float Operations)Exit Glenn Hwy at Tolsona Lake Road. Follow the road north to a sign “Bunsek Estates.” KEEP RIGHT AT THE FORK; otherwise, you will end up in the Lodge. Bypass around to the east of the Lodge, fences, and runway. Follow the road until you end up back on the runway, and look for the Copper Valley Air Sign. Exit the runway past the sign down to our cabin and float plane dock.
*All other locations may vary. Discuss with the office upon booking