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Scheduled flights, flightseeing tours and backcountry flying in the Copper River Valley
Flights From Anchorage to Gulkana McCarthy May Creek & Glennallen Alaska

Copper Valley Air is the only provider of direct, scheduled flights, year-round, between Anchorage and McCarthy. Our flights operate every Monday and Thursday on our mail plane service. Service is offered from Anchorage to Gulkana to McCarthy with an additional stop at May Creek.


Reeve Air Alaska: 907.646.0538  or

Anchorage to/from Glennallen - $220

Flightseeing Tours


From To Rate
Glennallen McCarthy $125
Glennallen May Creek $150
May Creek McCarthy $50


Depart Time Arrive Time
Anchorage 8:30 am Gulkana 9:45 am
Gulkana 10:00 am McCarthy 11:00 am
McCarthy 11:15 am May Creek 11:30 am
May Creek 11:35 Gulkana 12:30 pm
Gulkana 12:45 Anchorage 2:00 pm

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