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Wrangell St Elias Flightseeing

To really take in the amazing scale and grandeur of this area you have to experience it from the air. We offer flightsee tours all over the Wrangell-St.Elias region whether it's close to Glennallen or deep in the interior.

Come with us to explore millions of acres not accessible by road including three of the tallest mountains of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park as only possible from a bird's eye view! You will see Mt. Drum(12,010 feet), Mt. Wrangell (14,163 feet), and Mt. Sanford (16,237 feet). Mt. Wrangell is one of the largest active volcanoes in North America. Mt. Sanford towers over 16,200 feet and has a vertical rock wall face of over 9,000 feet. The colors you will see because of the mineral deposits are breathtaking!

We will fly over the Nadina and Sanford Glaciers and many beautiful valleys. You will see numerous glaciers, pristine valleys, and will fly over the rare and unique mud volcanoes. It is likely you will spot sheep, moose, caribou, bison, and the always popular grizzly bear on this very worthwhile tour. Come visit the nation's largest national park! Copper Valley Air can also arrange for pick-up and air transfers from Anchorage, Valdez, and Fairbanks, Alaska. All of our planes are equipped with passenger and pilot headsets that allow conversation and narration by the pilot during your flight. Our aircraft are high wing which provides a greater viewing experience & all seats are window seats.

Flightsee Tour Rates

Three Peak Tour
60 minutes - $350 per person

This stunning tour focuses on three of the biggest peaks in the park.  Enjoy getting next to 16,000 foot Mt. Sanford, iconic Drum, and the active volcanic Mt. Wrangell! Each peak is surrounded by glaciers, rivers, wildlife, and incredible scenery at every turn. Cross the Copper Basin and Copper River to have a look at the mud volcanoes, an amazing geothermic phenomenon, as well as plenty of opportunity to see wildlife including caribou, bison, moose, bear and more!

Ice Fields Tour
80 minutes - $400 per person

This tour includes The Three Peak Tour with the addition of a flight over the amazing Nabesna Ice Fields, the longest valley glacier in North America and the world’s longest interior valley glacier. This tour also gives opportunity to see the steam vents out of the active volcanic Mt. Wrangell up close!

The Flight of Majesty
120 minute - $550/pp

Prepare for an awe-inspiring journey above the wild heart of Alaska on our Ultimate Sky Adventure scenic flight tour. Witness the grandeur of Wrangell St. Elias National Park, where glaciers shimmer like diamonds amidst untouched wilderness. Fly back in time over the historic mines of Kennecott. But the real stars of the show? The towering peaks of Mt. Drum, Mt. Sanford, Mt. Wrangell, and Mt. Blackburn.

From the moment you lift off to the instant your feet touch the ground, this experience promises breathtaking vistas and a deep connection with the untamed beauty of Alaska's wilderness. Don't miss the chance to explore Alaska's wonders from a perspective only the eagles truly know.

Heart of the Park
75 minutes - $420 per person

This tour follows the route of The Three Peak Tour, but includes a backcountry landing alongside a glacier! Land inside the Heart of the Park where you will have 15-20 minutes on the ground to really enjoy the national park. Experience the feel of being in a place in the wilderness only accessible by air! This tour is sure to give you the highlight of your Alaska trip and an unforgettable memory! 

Only available June through September. Limited seating available per flight.