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Dadina River to Chelle Lake

Trip Details
Trip Type:
Point to Point
5-7 days
24 miles, + side trips
Moderate to Challenging

Rates shown are charter rates for the entire aircraft per flight, regardless of pax count. Rates are for one way flight between Gulkana and listed airstrip(s).

Airstrip 3-5 Pax *
2-3 Pax *
Cessna 185
1-2 Pax *
Piper PA-12
Dadina N/A N/A $375
Chelle Lake $750 N/A $187

*Passenger capacity of aircraft depends on total weight of passengers and cargo. Call us to find the best option for your group.

A five to seven day route around the west slope of Mt. Drum with stunning glacier and Mt. Drum views. This is a seldom visited are of the park with many opportunities for side trip explorations. 

The route begins on a small gravel airstrip along the Dadina River. You follow along the river for a while then it’s up into the alpine zone for lots of wide-open vistas. There are some crossings over debris covered glaciers.

There is a public use cabin at Chelle lake which makes a nice end to the trip. Note however that the cabin is not reservable so it’s first come, first served.

If you plan to travel self-guided you will need solid backpacking chops, navigation skills and off-trail experience. Alaska backcountry experience recommended.

Soooooo cool! Would totally do this again!
Our flightseeing tour with Copper Valley Air Service was incredible! Definitely a highlight of our trip to Alaska! Kevin, our pilot, was great. He got us in close to Mt. Drum to see the dramatic crags that are only visible when up so close. He took us close to Mt. Wrangell as well. We got to see the glaciers, and a herd of Dahl Sheep, a herd of caribou and 2 moose in a small lake. We keep wishing we could go back and do it again, before we go home. We would totally do this again!
2016 - cccrockymountain2016 Fort Collins, CO